B1 Center to Celebrate Christmas with Angel Tree Kids

Second Annual Gathering Supports Children of Those Who Are Imprisoned

Click this logo and donate $40 to help sponsor one child’s gifts during this Christmas celebration.

(Siler City, North Carolina)–The Becoming One Community Enrichment and Diversity Center announces the Second Annual Christmas Party on Saturday, December 21, 2019 at the center on 427 East 3rd St., Siler City, NC 27344.

This second annual gathering of our Chatham County community will once again highlight the joy of Christmas for some of our youth, who are without a parent at home because of incarceration. Under the guidance of Angel Tree prison fellowship, the B1 Center is thrilled to host our community members who will share the hope of the gospel with our children, who may be finding it difficult to find hope in these difficult times for them.

Your donation of $40 can help bring the joy and love of Christmas into one child’s life.

“The Becoming One Christmas party is our way of giving God’s greatest gift to our children who need it most,” explained Rev. Dr. Albert Reddick, President of the Becoming One Community Center. “By bringing these children into an atmosphere of love, we hope to provide these little treasures a glimpse of God’s love, so that they overcome the fear and loneliness they may be experiencing in the absence of an incarcerated parent.”

Angel Tree is a Prison Fellowship program that gives parents behind bars a way to restore and strengthen relationships with their children through a tangible experience of God’s love—especially at Christmas.

Estimates have been rounded for this graphic. Sources: Federal Bureau of Investigation, Crime in the United States 2016 (including supplemental table “Arrests by Sex, 2016”); and Vera Institute of Justice, Overlooked: Women in Jails in an Era of Reform.

We ask that you open your hearts to these children, since, through not fault of their own, are navigating the perils of youth without their mothers. In fact, according to FBI statistics, nationwide millions of women are imprisoned each year and that 80% of them are mothers.

Our small community is counting on the love and support of others to help share the blessings of Christmas with our children.

Please consider a donation of only $40, which will help us sponsor one child’s gifts during this Christmas holiday. These are gifts that are recommended by the mothers, so that, in some small way, we can help restore some of the family bonds that are shattered during their time in prison.

Thank you for your consideration and support!

–Reverend Dr. Albert Reddick and Dr. John G. Duesler, Jr., Co-Founders

The Becoming One Community Enrichment and Diversity Center