Becoming One Center Opens Doors

The Becoming One Community Enrichment and Diversity Center is pleased to announce the opening of its training and community center in Siler City, North Carolina.  On Saturday, August 25th, approximately 35 supporters joined with co-Founders Rev. Dr. Albert Reddick and Dr. John G. Duesler, Jr. to tour the facility and formalize the center’s hours of operation.

“We have been guided on this faith journey and are so grateful to have this physical presence in Siler City to help serve our community,” Rev. Reddick shared with the attendees.  “We have to speak with one another; we need to dialogue with one another if we are to overcome racism.  And this center will be a place for that to happen safely.”

The program was opened up with Ms. Jeddah Parker, our flag-bearer, who opened up with the Pledge of Allegiance.  That was followed by Reverend Carl Thompson, who led the invocation and asked for the strength to carry out the difficult work of bringing people together, as well as God’s guidance.

Rev. Reddick then discussed the mission of the Becoming One Center and introduced co-founder Dr. Duesler.  Dr. Duesler handed small compasses to all the attendees and asked them to all find the north direction and face that way.  “While these are complex and often confusing times, there are constants that are undeniable and constant.  The Becoming One Center will lead us on a journey where will be guided by our own true North–Love,” Duesler explained.

A tour of facilities followed, and the event was catered with light snacks and drinks.

The Becoming One Center will be open six days a week and provide support for school kids, adults, and special needs families.

The center is now accepting volunteer applications, as well as applications for children to receiving tutoring and a safe space after school.  For more information, email us at or call 267-312-3722.